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Meet AXOM3 – the new generation of Omega 3.
AXOM3 is the only supplement in Israel that contains real, pure and concentrated DHA.

AXOM3 is an innovative development in the field of food supplements and a groundbreaking product in the omega-3 category. Each concentrated capsule contains at least 70% pure DHA, which is an omega-3 fatty acid essential for the health and functioning of important body tissues.

The unique extract is produced through a natural enzymatic process and is identical to DHA found in breast milk, free of additives, metals and PCB. Each capsule of 500 mg. contains at least 350 mg. of DHA from fish oil.
The capsule is very small in comparison to other capsules; it is easy to swallow and leaves no aftertaste.

AXOM3 contains DHA with a maximum absorption and maximum availability to the body’s cells.
AXOM3 is an advanced supplement of an international scale that provides a wide range of needs and is suitable for everyone of all ages

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  199  NIS 169 NIS

Each Axom3 package contains 60 capsules.
Recommended use: 1-2 capsules a day.

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DHA is the longest fatty acid and therefore the most essential for maintaining body function. The indispensability of DHA and its contribution to various aspects of our health have been proven beyond doubt in numerous studies conducted worldwide. DHA is the only fatty acid that the body consumes in high doses and it is vital to maintaining proper functioning of important body tissues.

AXOM3 capsule is the sole capsule in the world that provides only the DHA needed for the body. It is a pure concentrated DHA, produced through a natural enzymatic process and identical in its structure to DHA found in breast milk.

Up to now, you could purchase DHA in large capsules containing a mixture of additional fatty acids. However, some of these capsules contain unidentified fatty acids, which can inhibit the absorption of the DHA in the body and cause its oxidation and breakdown.

Omega 3 products that are currently marketed in Israel contain large amounts of EPA and a small amount of DHA, based on the assumption that the body will naturally convert EPA to DHA. In practice, the process often does not function properly and large amounts of EPA are excreted from the body without being used. Moreover, EPA competes with DHA for its absorption pathways, creating a situation in which the body absorbs the EPA instead of the essential DHA. The conclusion is that a large amount of EPA is consumed at the expense of the DHA and the result is a real damage to the quality of the supplement.

Only the capsule that contains pure and concentrated DHA provides the body with all DHA advantages.